Symphony of the Damned

Symphony of the Damned

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From Savage Realms Press comes a dark and twisted tome with over 400 pages of skin-crawling, spine-tingling horror that is sure to make you sleep with the lights on! This eclectic mix of the macabre and the maniacal features 27 tales of terror.

Symphony of the Damned summons forth the ghoulishly diabolical talents of authors Adam C. Mitchell, A.E. Jackson, Andy Holberry, Buck Hanno, Catherine Jordan, David Lowrie, Debra J. Tillar, James A. Hirons, James Mascia, Luis Medina, Margaret McGoverne, Marie Lanza, Matthew Hollis Damon, Matt Martinek, Pat O'Neill, R.M. Breslin, Sara Jordan-Heintz, TroyAnthony Schermer, Victoria Hancox, and concludes with a grippingly terrifying novella by J. Miles Parker.

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