Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

A Bloody Rebellion

Britannia, AD61. Following her disgrace at the hands of the occupying Roman forces, the Iceni Queen Boudicca rouses her own and neighbouring tribes against the Romans, laying waste to Londinium and slaughtering tens of thousands.

A Queen on the Run

Boudicca’s forces clash with the legionary might of the Roman governor at the decisive Battle of Watling Street. Her Iceni warriors utterly defeated, Boudicca flees with the tattered survivors of her bodyguard.

An Enduring Historical Mystery

Historians still dispute the end of Boudicca and the Iceni; did they escape to Wales or Ireland? Or did they stumble across a very different kind of deadly foreign occupier of their native lands?


Margaret McGoverne is the author of
The Battle of Watling Street
and other stories, from flash fiction
to short novellas…

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