Welcome to my site. I’m a writer of stories that blend my passions of science, history, people watching and the natural world, seasoned with a pinch of autobiographical flavour. I’m fascinated with our histories and sense of identity, our roots and backgrounds, and how our memories and childhoods impact our inner and outer worlds.

My debut novella, The Battle of Watling Street, was published in 2017;  I’m currently writing the sequel,  a contemporary sci-fi novel, The Bondage of The Soil I’m also currently working on a novel set in 1970’s Northern Ireland,  And the Buntings Flew

My short and flash fiction stories have been published in numerous online and several print magazines and anthologies including Reflex Fiction, 101Fiction,  Paragraph Planet, and Fifty Word Stories. My flash fiction was long-listed for the Reflex Fiction Prize in 2017 and 2018 and published by Reflex Press in their first anthology, Barely Casting A Shadow. You can read a selection of my published short fiction here.  

I’m the founder and editor of the flash fiction quarterly ezine Strippedlit500, showcasing new short fiction up to 500 words.

Want to learn a little more about me? Click here.