Margaret was born in England, where she now lives and works, but is a descendant of many generations of Northern Irish family; her bones are at home on the Causeway coast. She spent her childhood with her family in Belfast during the height of the “Troubles”; her need to write stems from this period and the rich loam of a family and region with strong storytelling and oral history traditions.

Her debut novella, The Battle of Watling Street, was published in 2017. A followup Sci-Fi novel is in the works, working title Bondage of The Soil. Margaret is also working on her first full-length novel based in Belfast, And The Buntings Flew

Margaret’s short and flash fiction has been featured in numerous online and print magazines and anthologies including Reflex Fiction, 101Fiction, Paragraph Planet, and Fifty Word Stories. Her flash fiction was long-listed for the Reflex Fiction Prize in 2017 and 2018 and published by Reflex Press in their first two anthologies; Barely Casting A Shadow, and The Real Jazz Baby.

Margaret is married, with one son and his cat siblings. She spends her time making things grow (bonus points if they’re edible), travelling to new places with old galleries, ruins, and museums, and walking in lonely high places, mostly the Peak District and the coast and glens of Northern Ireland. Making preserves and cordials from the good things she grows and forage in hedgerows is a great way to combine several of these interests; she is an old Irish mammy at heart.