Kindle Promotion – The Battle of Watling Street is Free to Read 10th – 13th February

It’s been a while since I did a promotion as a thank you for sticking around thus far. And a great way to thank someone is with a gift!

My book The Battle of Watling Street is available on Kindle for free during a five-day promotion on Amazon UK between the 10th and 13th of February.

It’s a novella and a fairly short read; you can read more about it here. I also did an interview with historical fiction author M. K Tod that you can read here, where I talk about the book, its inspirations and the process of researching historically accurate fiction (until the story veers into something very different!)

To those readers who’ve already bought a copy, thank you very much; perhaps you can tell your friends about the promo?

Thank you again, and please let me know what you think? And one last plea – whether you love it, hate it or think it’s merely tedious, please leave me a review on Amazon! Not only do they really help authors, they also give readers an idea of which books are worth their time and money.

PS If you’re an international reader and can’t redeem the Amazon UK promotion, please drop me a line and I’ll sort something out.

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