July Update and New Flash Fiction

Flowers are wilting
My enthusiasm, too
Only weeds survive.”
–  Gaia Garden

The weeds are not only surviving; they’re winning, and a lot of my time is taken up with tackling them; in the garden and in my writing commitment. With lockdown easing, we’ve ventured out for a few walks, but always in less frequented not-so-popular routes, attempting to thin out more reckless, two-legged weeds. These walks keep me going until we can take a holiday; I pine for some real solitude, not the manufactured caution and isolation of social distancing.

Published Flash Fiction

Although distracted by global pandemic worries, I have managed to finish some flash fiction I’d scribbled some notes for; one story, The Woman Who Loved Pets,  was quite cathartic to write, and I’m pleased with the result. You can read it online at Reflex Fiction: The Woman Who Loved Pets

It’s been gratifying to receive some positive feedback on the story on both Facebook and in DMs; I think my voice is strongest when I recall what Atticus Finch tells Scout – “delete the adjectives and you’ll have the facts”.  I realised recently that all of my flash fiction is based on real-life events – I save my flights of fantasy for longer tales.

Stories Out with Editors

Speaking of which, I’ve got a couple of longer short stories out with editors currently, and one has made the first cut; a horror-comedy story very fancifully based on a bad-tempered day trip I took with my husband while visiting Flordia in 2003; the gory ending is satisfying for one of us!

I have another short submitted for a September release horror anthology; fingers crossed for that one too.

I’d love to hear how your writing is going, and what you’re reading? Whatever you’re doing, have a great July.

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