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This post sort-of follows on from my last one (Are ebooks changing the way we read and write novels?) With apologies to those tech-

With apologies to those tech-savy types for whom this is all old hat, I had a surprising conversation recently with a colleague who was asking how my book will be (eventually) published; when I included Kindle in the list, they expressed regret that they didn’t have a Kindle device.

So on the off chance this info may help a few readers, here’s my short guide to…

Reading  Kindle Books without a Kindle!

Follow the links below to download Kindle on your Apple or Android phone, tablet, laptop or PC, for free. (All official Amazon links.)

Amazon Kindle App for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
Kindle Cloud Reader App

Free Amazon Kindle reader app for tablet, smartphone or computer
Free Amazon Kindle Reader App for tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Want to read Kindle books without any apps?

Kindle Cloud Reader allows you to buy and read Kindle books in your browser (Amazon account required)

Log into Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader (Account required)

Happy (Kindle) reading!

Margaret x

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