The Battle of Watling Street



This story is the prequel to my upcoming contemporary Sci-Fi novel, The Bondage of The Soil. The idea came to me during 2016 when I was deep in the first draft of Bondage; a fun way to combine my love of historical mystery fiction and all things Roman with a Sci-Fi twist in the tale! Originally conceived as a 5,000-word short story, I really enjoyed writing about and in first century AD Roman Britain, and the project expanded to short novella length.

I also really enjoyed the characters, especially young Dedo and his lady-love Cata; I wouldn’t be surprised if they turn up somewhere in a follow-on historical mystery…


AD 61, Roman occupied Britain. The Iceni Queen Boudicca leads an uprising of 100,000 Brittonic tribesmen and women against the Roman held provinces of Londinium, Verulamium, and Camulodunum, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

They face the legions of Roman Governor Suetonius for a decisive showdown, close to the ancient Watling Street. History records that the Romans annihilated the local tribes, leaving the few remaining survivors to scatter and die as they might.

         The  Battle of Watling Street

The Iceni tribe and their notorious queen are then lost to history; did they flee to Wales or across the sea? Or did they stumble across another foreign visitation from a land very far from Britain?

The Battle of Watling Street is a historical science fiction mystery: a speculative re-imagining of a defining period in British history. Introducing the resourceful Celtic hero Dedo, attendant to the doomed warrior queen. 

The Battle of Watling Street is the prequel to the upcoming contemporary Sci-fi novel The Bondage of The Soil.


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