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Sci-Fi Historical Fiction from Author Margaret McGoverne

AD 61, Roman occupied Britain. The Iceni Queen Boudicca leads an uprising of 100,000 Brittonic tribesmen and women against the Roman held provinces of Londinium, Verulamium, and Camulodunum, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. 

They face the legions of Roman Governor Suetonius for a decisive showdown, close to the ancient Watling Street. History records that the Romans annihilated the local tribes, leaving the few remaining survivors to scatter and die as they might.

The Iceni tribe and their notorious queen are then lost to history; did they flee to Wales or across the sea? Or did they stumble across a very different foreign visitation from a land very far from Britain?

The Battle of Watling Street is a speculative re-imagining of a defining period in British history, and the prequel to the upcoming contemporary Sci-fi novel The Bondage of The Soil. 

About Margaret McGoverne

UK born author Margaret McGoverne is fascinated with the rich historical tapestry of her native Great Britain, and enjoys weaving historical facts with speculative Sci-Fi.

The Battle of Watling Street is her first published full-length work of fiction. The full-length sequel set in modern-day Britain, The Bondage of The Soil is scheduled for publication autumn 2017.

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