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NaPoWriMo Day 9 – Paul


I’m republican first and foremost,
Irish unity for all;
why take up arms with Provos
while so many comrades fall?

We’re all in this together;
our bloody struggle’s real.
“Brits out” is our true war-cry;
do all heed that righteous goal?

All this talk of bloody pogroms;
our own pubs and clubs on fire:
what’s happened to our faction,
to “Up the rebels; Tiocfaidh ar la?”

Neighbours from the Falls
are not our natural foes,
but they’re crippling our own people,
local business forced to close.

I’ve lost friends and brilliant colleagues,
Brave republicans all.
Cut down, betrayed and bombed out
by men who shared church stalls.

Enemies of reunification
are our one true Irish foe;
we defend retaliation:
Provo with Provo.

I reject internal violence
but here goes another brawl.
“Our Day Will Come” forgotten
as our shared battle call.

Nineteen-year-old male Civilian Political Activist (CivPA), shot by the Official Irish Republican Army (OIRA) during an ongoing (OIRA) / (IRA) feud.

2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 9 – Paul”

  1. Your writing brings me there Margaret. Such a crazy time. It seemed some were compelled to just keep fighting no matter who one fought.


    1. I’m trying really hard to be neutral, to put myself in the mindset of all the victims, even the ones who brought death on themselves and others, and it’s not easy Gail; but in order to start to understand the carnage of The troubles, we also need to understand the context. xx


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